October 30


For the first time this term we had buddies. My buddy’s name is Ollie! He was really funny telling me his lion jokes 🙂 eg. who is the sulk of the jungle? The lion! We had to help them research a animal, his animal was the King of the jungle! Do you know him? Yes, the Lion! Fun fact: a lion’s fur turns darker as the lion gets older.


October 26

Inter School Sports

Hey Guys!

Last Friday we had our first game of Inter School Sports against Brunswick North Primary School. The sports are Cricket, Soccer & Volley Catch! The end result was the cricket team lost by 4 runs, the Soccer team drew 3-3 & the Volley catch team won in two sets  23-25 9-25! Which team would you want to be in, Cricket, Soccer or Volley Catch?



October 19

Welcome to Gautier´s blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Gautier and I am in grade 5 at St. Margaret Mary’s Primary School in Brunswick. In my blog you will enjoy every single second because you will learn lots of stuff about my learning, and about the school. Subscribe to know if their is a new post, so keep on checking in!