October 26

Inter School Sports

Hey Guys!

Last Friday we had our first game of Inter School Sports against Brunswick North Primary School. The sports are Cricket, Soccer & Volley Catch! The end result was the cricket team lost by 4 runs, the Soccer team drew 3-3 & the Volley catch team won in two sets  23-25 9-25! Which team would you want to be in, Cricket, Soccer or Volley Catch?



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3 thoughts on “Inter School Sports

  1. Vivienne

    Hi Gaut! I’m part of the volley-catch team. And if I could be part of one of the other teams I ‘d be part of the cricket team because I’m bad at soccer. Which team are you part of?

  2. gautierv (Post author)

    Hi Vi
    I’m part of the Cricket team, but we keep losing games so it is a bit of a down fall 🙁


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