November 30

Junior’s Dioramas!

Hey Guys!

Today we went to see the juniors dioramas, and boy they were brilliant! They spent hours and hours picking up information left and right and it finally their hard work payed off! My sister did her project on a dingo and as you can see it’s good! All of them were brilliant and had got put lots of effort into make the final product!


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November 23

We’re Talking

Yesterday we talked about how we can have a quality discussion with a group . A great discussion includes:

Eye Contact with the person talking, adding something to the group, be prepared to talk because someone could ask something and you need to answer.

The discussion was a success and here is a clip of part of the discussion:



November 17

‘Elite’ Swimming

Yesterday we started going to ‘Elite’ Swimming for our swimming lesson.  We used to go to ‘Northcote’ Public Swimming Pool because it was big and fun but we don’t go there any more because of the cost of the buses taking us there. The school chose  Elite Swimming because it was close to the school so the school could walk to it. There is 3 groups: High, Medium and Low, I am in the highest group but the rest of my group are better swimmers than me because I hardly know anything! Do you know how to do breaststroke because i don’t?



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November 12

School Spots Day!

Hey Guys!

Yet again another loss for the Red while the Blue go and celebrate on their fantastic victory over the Green. After being in the lead for almost the whole day in the end the Blue triumphed victory over the Green. The teachers all tried very hard to control the control freaks! The activities were Poison Ball run by maniacs, a obstacle course run by the living dead, shot put and discus run by the one and only King Kong the 1st! 🙂 What activity would you want to do the most?

STMM_SPortsday_2015_-181IMAG2114 (1)

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