February 23

Deng Adut

Today we watched a video about a boy who turns into a man who’s name is Deng. He is an inspiration to the whole class and he would be and inspiration to you. His story is filled with emotions and it’s all about him doing anything he can to help people who are in the same position he was in. This story is about the western Sydney university who helped Deng learn and get a law degree to help people who need help.

Here is the video:






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2 thoughts on “Deng Adut

  1. Joshua

    Hi Gautier
    I really like the way you said “The video has lots of emotion”. Deng also inspired me. How did Deng inspire you?

    1. gautierv (Post author)

      Hi Josh,
      Deng inspired my never to give up hope, and even in the worst times always try to feel good.


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