March 23

Inquiry Man

Hello world! If you had to pick a natural disaster witch would it be? I chose a Avalanche that destroyed  Thredbo and killed 18 people. I’m really proud how I presented it and I found challenging  was that we did’t have much time to finish so it might be  a bit rushed. Next time I do something like this I am going to do something more challenging because a newspaper article is a bit easy. Here is a photo of my piece:


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March 23

Pebble Art

In Art we made Pebble Art and that means we had to use pebbles and create something. I chose to design birds in a tree. We could use a mixture of pebbles and some twigs and I used both. I really enjoyed using nature to create art which I never knew possible. This is a picture of my artwork:Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 12.09.47 PM

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March 17

St Patrick´s Day

Do you like long masses? Well if you do, I have a story for you. Today as you may know, is St Patrick´s Day and our school grade 6 leaders went to the mass. The mass went for 1 hour and 15 minutes and one grade 6 almost fainted! After the mass was a concert with fun games like tug the rope and doge ball. The concert in my opinion was TERRIBLE! I could not hear what they were singing, so what am I suppose to rate them? Here is a short video about Saint Patrick:


March 8

Project Compassion

Hi world, in religion we have been learning about what Project Compassion does in Laos. Laos is an extremely poor country and lots of children have a disability. Here is our slide about what we learned about Project Compassion in Laos: