April 27

Assembly – Anzac Day

Hi Guys, On Friday we had the first assembly of term 2. It was about Anzac Day in 1915 and how life was in the trenches, and I was the one to put together a video clip about it. Anzac day is a day to remember the soldiers who died to make Australia the place it is today. Every Anzac day stop at 11 o’clock and remember the soldiers who died in ww1. Here is the clip we made:



April 20

Albert Einstein

Hi World.

Do you know what E=? Well if you don’t you might want to find out who does. The person who worked it out was Albert Einstein. He found out that the answer was that E= MC squared. He most famous invention was when he released his papers of his theory of relativity. Albert died at the age of 76 , from 1879 to 1955. Today Albert Einstein is still one of the most famous scientist in history.

April 14

Maths Isn’t FUN!

Hi Guys,

Do you like maths? I don’t but I have to do it in school because I have no choice. Coordinates is one of the worst types of math I have ever know, but then  again I am a person who hates Math. Coordinates is when  you put the coordinates together you will have yourself a location. We did it but we did it a bit differently to what you might think, we used shapes and read the coordinates of the shape. We had to flip the shape, Rotate the shape and slide the shape into places. Do you like to do Math?


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April 12

Class Meeting

Hi World!

Have you ever been in a meeting? Well yesterday we had our very first Class Meeting and to me it was a success! We talked about Donald Trump, who at the moment is running for US president, and we watched a video about how kids watch videos and short clips about how he talks to people. Most of the kids hated him but there is always one or two kids who will support him. Do you want Donald Trump as the US president? Here is the video about the kids: