April 27

Assembly – Anzac Day

Hi Guys, On Friday we had the first assembly of term 2. It was about Anzac Day in 1915 and how life was in the trenches, and I was the one to put together a video clip about it. Anzac day is a day to remember the soldiers who died to make Australia the place it is today. Every Anzac day stop at 11 o’clock and remember the soldiers who died in ww1. Here is the clip we made:



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2 thoughts on “Assembly – Anzac Day

  1. biezzi

    You did a great job working on the presentation with the boys. It would be great to have the link ‘live’ on your blog. If you need a little help next blog time, I am happy to show you how to put embed a slide show from google on your blog.

    Miss Bek

  2. ethanll

    Hi Gaut,
    First of all that is a pretty good slide. Did you enjoy that assembly? Also what do you think of the trenches they had to be in?

    Just wondering,


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