June 22

Sleek Geeks Videos

Hey Guys!

Today we finally presented our Sleek Geek Videos, and they were not bad. Sleek Geeks was a show on the ABC and was run by Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer, the show finished in 2010 but every year has a competition for the best scientific video to be sent in to win a prize of $10,000 and a trip to Sydney to present the video.  In my group I had Noah and Tess, our question we had to answer was why does your tongue stick to cold objects? I am proud to finish the video in the time slot given and that’s an achievement there. A challenge was getting all the props to make it like a real broadcast. We used Imovie to film the movie and we had to do so many retakes, it wasn’t funny. Here is the video we worked so hard on:


June 21

Cross Multplying

Hi Guys!

Yesterday we learnt the Cross Multiplying strategy. The Cross Multiplying strategy is used to see which is bigger between two fractions. You can only use this strategy with two fractions, not three or more because it won´t work. an example is  3/4 and 1/2. 3/4 is bigger than 1/2, the way you work this out is you times 3×2 and 1×4. Everyone knows that 3×2 is bigger than 1×4 and that means 3/4 is bigger than 1/2. Have you ever used the Cross Multiplying strategymy god!?


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June 16

David and Goliath

Hi Guys!

Yesterday I explored the story of David and Goliath and I never thought that the story was that brutal! The story goes that David battles Goliath with only 5 smooth stones. David apparently cracks Goliath’s skull and he face plants. David then chops of Goliath’s head with Goliath’s very own sword that killed so many others. David becomes a hero and saves the Israeli people. I wonder how David kills Goliath with 5 smooth stones because in real life the guy would just be injured. I was actually really surprised that David killed Goliath, because Goliath was 9 feet tall! Here is the video that my class saw:


June 10

Crazy Colourfull Tiles

Hi Guys!

In Art we created a tile with so many colour’s it was amazing. We used sharpies to colour the tiles and then we put the paint diluter to make big splotches on the sharpies to make the sharpies art! The colour don’t wash of the tiles because the sharpies contain permanent ink, which will not wash away with water. The paint diluter just makes the blotches and makes the sharpies become art! File_000


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