June 22

Sleek Geeks Videos

Hey Guys!

Today we finally presented our Sleek Geek Videos, and they were not bad. Sleek Geeks was a show on the ABC and was run by Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer, the show finished in 2010 but every year has a competition for the best scientific video to be sent in to win a prize of $10,000 and a trip to Sydney to present the video.  In my group I had Noah and Tess, our question we had to answer was why does your tongue stick to cold objects? I am proud to finish the video in the time slot given and that’s an achievement there. A challenge was getting all the props to make it like a real broadcast. We used Imovie to film the movie and we had to do so many retakes, it wasn’t funny. Here is the video we worked so hard on:


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1 thoughts on “Sleek Geeks Videos

  1. biezzi

    Absolutely loved your group´s movie Gautier! You all worked really hard and the end result was very high quality!
    Well done,
    Miss Bek


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