July 11

Learning Goals

Hi Guys!

Today we had to make goals to improve on in term 3. My first one is to make my buddy talk. I am determent to make her talk, because for the first two terms I have put up with her just nodding and saying nothing but I have had ENOUGH! A way to help her talk to me is to be friendly to her and help her out as much as I can.  My next goal is to not copy people, for an example if I am stuck in maths I will look over to the person next to me and copy down their answer. A way I can help myself is to not to sit near people and that means I can not copy them. My last goal is to work on my spelling because it has gone from bad to worse. A donkey is better at spelling than me and they have a brain the size of a peanut! A way I can help myself is to read because it will stick to your mind, so if you come across a word you have read in a book and forgot how to spell it, you remember you read it in that specific book. Do you think you need to set a goal to help you in your life?




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