July 15

The Switch

Hi Guys!

Today in Literacy Matrix watched and respond and it was called the switch. It’s about Ronaldo bumping into this kid called lee and they switch minds and become one another. Ronaldo becomes as skillful as Lee was (not very good) and Lee became as skillful as Ronaldo is because they are two different people in two different bodies. Lee eventually plays for England and Ronaldo still plays for Portugal and they smash into each other and regain there own body! After watching the video we had to answer a whole lot of questions, like write a summary of the video and what was the key messages and so on. I wondered if Ronaldo agreed to do the video or he had to do because his manager told him to. Is the Portugal team that is in the video, actually the team in real life? Did the person who plays Lee, have to learn Portuguese because he talks in Portuguese at the start, when Ronaldo realize he turns into a kid? If you could play for any country in the world for the world cup, what country would you want to play for and why?





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