July 26

Mũi Mũi Visit

Hi Guys!

Yesterday Mũi Mũi came and talked to us about her migration story. She came to Australia from Vietnam to escape the Communists. Mũi Mũi and her family got ripped off so many times ( paid boat people, they didn’t come) it was hard to believe. She eventually got on a boat and escaped Vietnam for good. She got chased by 3 pirate ships and they escaped. When they were about to drown, a German cargo ship saved them. They went to Indonesia and got put in a detention camp, and had 4 meters of space for their family. The papers to migrate to Australia got lost over the seas. They had another interview to migrate to Australia and they got accepted. The first thing Mũi Mũi ate in Australia was McDonald’s Filet o Fish. Then she settled into life in Australia! I wonder how she survived on just dried rice and beef? If you had to migrate, where would you migrate to and why?

Готье – Gautier in Russian


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