August 3

Immigration Muesuem

Hey Guys!

Yesterday we went to the Immigration Museum in the city. We learnt all about how, when and why people migrated to Australia. We got split into groups and got put into sections in the Museum. While we were there we looked at three types of boats the people immigrated from and the time differences. We interviewed computer generated images of people who wanted to migrate to Australia, We also tried the dictation test, which by the way is REALLY hard. I used my time well to put most of the information on the little passport we got given. I now realise that migrating from a different country isn’t as easy as I thought it was. When we left the museum we went to the Sandridge Bridge. In 2006 the government put glass casing around the  bridge to see how many people migrated from their country to Australia. The glass wall showed that there were more immigrants from Italy then there were Vietnam. I wonder why there were a lot of immigrants from Italy and not in a war like country like Vietnam? I wonder if the bigger the country is, the more people migrate from it to go to a less populated country like Australia. What country do you think has the most people leave to go to Australia?




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