August 12

Historical Narritive

Today I finally finished my Historical Narrative about the Eureka Stockade. Here are five pointers to help you write a good Historical Narrative:

  • To use 3 to 5 facts

It wont be a Historical Narrative if it doesn’t have facts because then it should be called a Narrative

  • To let your imagination run wild

It is ok to let your imagination into your work because it make it your Historical Narrative but don’t forget to put those fatc in there

  • Use language that your Historical Narrative takes place in the setting and the year it’s placed in.

It is important to use language that your Historical Narrative takes place and the year it’s in because then it makes your Historical Fiction more realistic and it makes the writing better

  • It is best to research your Historical event

You should research you Historical event because then you have background information on your event and that makes it easier to write

  • Explain key facts and places in the text

It is easy to forget to explain your facts because you can be so caught up in the ‘Narrative’ part of the story and not focusing on the ‘Historical’ part of the story

So that five pointers to write a excellent Historical Narrative, but if you could write a Historical Narrative what would it be and why?


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