September 2

Police Visit

Hi Guys!

On Wednesday the police came to talk to us about Bullying and Cyber Bullying. They said to us if you are getting Bullied and or Cyber Bullied you should tell an adult immediately! It could get worse the longer it goes on and people around someone who is getting bullied can get effected by the bullying. If someone is getting bullied and he or she is to afraid to tell an adult you should go and tell the adult for them, because if an adult or parent guardian dose not know about there is nothing they can do to help you. If you are someone who is bullying someone, if it is mental, cyber or physical bullying it can still get tracked and then you may have to face THE JUDGE! If there is enough evidence of the bullying you could end up in  juvenile detention for two years and you will get a criminal act of bullying on your record, so if you got expelled from your school for bullying it may be hard to find another school as you have a criminal act for bullying so the principle may not let you attend that school. Do you know a way to get someone to admit that they are getting bullied?



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