October 28

Inter School Sport

Hi Guys!

Today we found out our Inter School Sport teams, the games were, Soccer, Cricket and Volley Catch, and I got into Soccer. When we had our first practice today and picture yourself watching a great team like Liverpool, we were 10 times worse! Nah, just joking but we were far from great. We started our training session by having some shot and I know for a fact that I need to practice on that area of the game. I’m looking forward to actually playing our first game because once we play our first game, we can see what area’s of the game we need to work on. I think our team works well because we all want to play the sport, that is why we all put the sport down as our first preference, so we all had the passion to do well playing that sport. So what do you think makes a good team?



October 21

Mangrove Swamp

Hey Guys!

Today we have been learning about ecosystems and the ecosystem I am working on is the marine ecosystem, swampland in other words. In particular the Mangrove Swamp, did you know that the tide controls life in a Mangrove Swamp, because the Mangrove branches goes up to breathe a little, but when the tide goes back out, the whole tree in not underwater anymore. There is two types of waters the Mangrove Swamps have around them, they are saltwater and freshwater. My favorite animal that lives in a saltwater Mangrove Swamp is the Saltwater Crocodile.

Mangrove Swamps have over 80 types of Mangrove trees at a Mangrove Swamps, so all over the island there are 80 different types of Mangrove trees all over the place. What is your favorite animal that is at an Mangrove Swamp?



October 18

Zoo Visit

Hey Guys!

Two weeks ago the seniors went to the Melbourne Zoo. When we went got there, we went straight to the Seal enclosure to hear a talk about the SOS 10.

The SOS 10 are 10 animals that the Zoo’s Victoria want to spend money on trying to save the animals and to try not making them extinct. The animals are: The Lion, Tasmanian Devil, Helmeted Honeyeater, Western Lowland Gorilla, Growing Grass Frog, Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, Philippines Crocodile, Orangutans, Asian Elephant and finally the Australian Fur Seal.

We got told to lend our Voice to one of the animals but we could lend our voice to only one animal. I found out the Helmeted Honeyeater is the last bird that originated in Victoria and not brought to Australia from another country.

I was surprised that the Zoo were already predicting that the Orangutans will be extinct in the wild in 10 years! I wonder if the Orangutans will live on longer than 10 years in the wild, what do you think?If you could lend your voice to an animal, which of the SOS 10 would you pick?




October 4

My Goals

Hi Guys!

Today we had to pick some goals for term 4, luckily I had achieved my goal from last term which was making my buddy talk on the 100 day celebration for the preps. My goal for this term is to make my handwriting a lot bigger and easier to read because next year at high school, I don’t want my teachers to not be able to read my work! Do you have a goal to improve on?