October 18

Zoo Visit

Hey Guys!

Two weeks ago the seniors went to the Melbourne Zoo. When we went got there, we went straight to the Seal enclosure to hear a talk about the SOS 10.

The SOS 10 are 10 animals that the Zoo’s Victoria want to spend money on trying to save the animals and to try not making them extinct. The animals are: The Lion, Tasmanian Devil, Helmeted Honeyeater, Western Lowland Gorilla, Growing Grass Frog, Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, Philippines Crocodile, Orangutans, Asian Elephant and finally the Australian Fur Seal.

We got told to lend our Voice to one of the animals but we could lend our voice to only one animal. I found out the Helmeted Honeyeater is the last bird that originated in Victoria and not brought to Australia from another country.

I was surprised that the Zoo were already predicting that the Orangutans will be extinct in the wild in 10 years! I wonder if the Orangutans will live on longer than 10 years in the wild, what do you think?If you could lend your voice to an animal, which of the SOS 10 would you pick?




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