October 21

Mangrove Swamp

Hey Guys!

Today we have been learning about ecosystems and the ecosystem I am working on is the marine ecosystem, swampland in other words. In particular the Mangrove Swamp, did you know that the tide controls life in a Mangrove Swamp, because the Mangrove branches goes up to breathe a little, but when the tide goes back out, the whole tree in not underwater anymore. There is two types of waters the Mangrove Swamps have around them, they are saltwater and freshwater. My favorite animal that lives in a saltwater Mangrove Swamp is the Saltwater Crocodile.

Mangrove Swamps have over 80 types of Mangrove trees at a Mangrove Swamps, so all over the island there are 80 different types of Mangrove trees all over the place. What is your favorite animal that is at an Mangrove Swamp?



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