October 28

Inter School Sport

Hi Guys!

Today we found out our Inter School Sport teams, the games were, Soccer, Cricket and Volley Catch, and I got into Soccer. When we had our first practice today and picture yourself watching a great team like Liverpool, we were 10 times worse! Nah, just joking but we were far from great. We started our training session by having some shot and I know for a fact that I need to practice on that area of the game. I’m looking forward to actually playing our first game because once we play our first game, we can see what area’s of the game we need to work on. I think our team works well because we all want to play the sport, that is why we all put the sport down as our first preference, so we all had the passion to do well playing that sport. So what do you think makes a good team?



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1 thoughts on “Inter School Sport

  1. Gwennyth

    Hi Gautier,
    I really exited to play the first game to and I definitely agree that once all the teams will do much better when they do play the first game.



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