November 17

They’re Calling On You

Hey Guys!

Today we continued working on one of Zoos Victoria campaigns to help specific animals, such as Don’t Palm us off which helps the Orangutans and the Sumatran Tiger. There are 6 campaigns the Zoo have put together. The campaign that I am working on is called ¨They’re Calling On You¨ which helps the Gorillas. The Gorillas are also part of the SOS 10, where the Zoo wants to help the animal because they think the animal is in serious need of attention. The Gorilla is now Critically Endangered from the illegal mining of the of the substance called Coltan which is a part of a phone. To find out more, visit the Zoos Victoria website and search “They’re Calling On You” and it’s all there in black and white. What campaign would you want to look into?




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