December 9


Hi Guy

Last night we had annual St Margaret Mary’s Carols! The songs that the seniors had to sing were O Little Town Of Bethlehem and The First Nowell. Personally, I think we bombed the first song but the second we smashed it out of the park! There might have been a few stuff ups but because there were many of us, I don’t think the audience noticed any of it. The most challenging thing was getting up on stage because I have stage fright and I was like a statue! I’m most proud of actually singing the song because I was so focused on getting up on stage I almost forgot to sing. I’m looking forward to watch the carols from the sidelines next year and videotaping my siblings from the top of the building and I will never, ever, let them forget it! But if you were going up on stage to sing a carol, what song would you choose



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