December 14

LAST POST FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys!

This will be my very last post in my Primary School years. Some of the special moments that I posted have been writing about The Switch, Silvagni Project and They’re Calling On You. One of the successes the have occurred to me was actually making my buddie Kiara talk to me! It took almost 150 odd days but she finally talked to me and not making me hear everyone else say that she talked to them. One of the challenges that I have faced have been making my buddie talk, as it took almost 150 odd days you can almost feel the pain that is inside of me. The funniest moment that has happened to me were being with my friends. I know it sound weird but it is, telling jokes and being silly is what they’re specialty is! The dumbest riddle my friends went around and told was, You can enter, but may not come in. I have space, but you cannot walk. I have keys, but open no lock. What am I? A Computer! Finally, I will miss writing on this blog but not everything can always go on for forever! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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