July 29

Blogging Guidelines

To have a purposeful and safe blog please remember the following guidelines:


Only use your first name when blogging.

Anyone from around the world can see our blog through the Internet. It is important that you do not put your last name on the blog so strangers don’t know who you are.

Parents who use the blog should also only use their first names.

Parents should only use their first names so they don’t accidentally identify their child in the blog.

NEVER give out any personal information.

You should never give out information like where you live, email addresses or phone numbers.

All comments on the blog are approved before being published.

All comments are screened before posting to make sure that there are no negative or inappropriate comments going onto the blog. If someone posts something that the teachers do not want others to see, we will not publish it to the blog.

Be friendly, helpful and polite.

Only post comments that are positive and friendly. Never post anything that could upset someone who reads it.

Remember to do your best writing.

Even though you are commenting on the Internet you still need to do your best writing. Remember to use capital letters and punctuation like full stops and commas. Don’t use text talk like m8, thanx or l8er and most of all check your writing before you post it. Remember everyone can read it so make it is the best you can do!

Be aware of copyright.

Remember you can’t just use anything from the Internet and call it your own. Make sure you only use copyright free images, songs or text.

Have fun and share, share, share!!!

Enjoy reading our blog and making comments/posts. Don’t let the guidelines stop you from commenting!

St Margaret Mary’s is a co-educational Catholic primary school located in Brunswick North, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. There are approximately 165 students from a variety of cultures and faith expressions. Class groupings, which range from 12 to 27 students, include two Prep classes, two 1/2 classes (Juniors), two 3/4 classes (Middles) and two 5/6 classes (Seniors). The school offers excellent facilities in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

At St Margaret Mary’s we believe that the teaching of Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics is our core business. Through explicit and targeted teaching at the students’ level, we strive to improve outcomes and achievement. Furthermore, we promote a culture of Inquiry based learning, that enables students to find meaning and make connections with their world. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their learning by accepting challenges, taking risks and exploring their creativity in all curriculum areas.

Additionally, St Margaret Mary’s offers a range of specialist programs including Library, Art, Italian and Physical Education.

To find out more information about St Margaret Mary’s, access our School Website by clicking on the image below:

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