December 9


Hi Guy

Last night we had annual St Margaret Mary’s Carols! The songs that the seniors had to sing were O Little Town Of Bethlehem and The First Nowell. Personally, I think we bombed the first song but the second we smashed it out of the park! There might have been a few stuff ups but because there were many of us, I don’t think the audience noticed any of it. The most challenging thing was getting up on stage because I have stage fright and I was like a statue! I’m most proud of actually singing the song because I was so focused on getting up on stage I almost forgot to sing. I’m looking forward to watch the carols from the sidelines next year and videotaping my siblings from the top of the building and I will never, ever, let them forget it! But if you were going up on stage to sing a carol, what song would you choose



November 3

Laudato Si

Hi Guys!

Today we were coming to the end of our Religion topic which was being Stewards of the Earth. We had to reflect on what we did, so I reflected on Pope Francis and his letter Laudato Si.

Laudato Si in Italian means Praised be You, Pope Francis wrote a whole letter to the people on Earth about how we should care for who lives on the Earth, the plants and trees that grow and live of the Earth. Pope Francis declared this year the Year Of Mercy so we should respect that by respecting the Earth by not stripping the Earth of its forests and not polluting the water.

I wonder if Pope Francis’s letter got through to anyone? Is anyone going to do something about our odd predicament – pollution? The Earth is our home, it’s the only one we will ever get so we shouldn’t pollute it.



June 16

David and Goliath

Hi Guys!

Yesterday I explored the story of David and Goliath and I never thought that the story was that brutal! The story goes that David battles Goliath with only 5 smooth stones. David apparently cracks Goliath’s skull and he face plants. David then chops of Goliath’s head with Goliath’s very own sword that killed so many others. David becomes a hero and saves the Israeli people. I wonder how David kills Goliath with 5 smooth stones because in real life the guy would just be injured. I was actually really surprised that David killed Goliath, because Goliath was 9 feet tall! Here is the video that my class saw:


April 27

Assembly – Anzac Day

Hi Guys, On Friday we had the first assembly of term 2. It was about Anzac Day in 1915 and how life was in the trenches, and I was the one to put together a video clip about it. Anzac day is a day to remember the soldiers who died to make Australia the place it is today. Every Anzac day stop at 11 o’clock and remember the soldiers who died in ww1. Here is the clip we made:


March 17

St Patrick´s Day

Do you like long masses? Well if you do, I have a story for you. Today as you may know, is St Patrick´s Day and our school grade 6 leaders went to the mass. The mass went for 1 hour and 15 minutes and one grade 6 almost fainted! After the mass was a concert with fun games like tug the rope and doge ball. The concert in my opinion was TERRIBLE! I could not hear what they were singing, so what am I suppose to rate them? Here is a short video about Saint Patrick:


March 8

Project Compassion

Hi world, in religion we have been learning about what Project Compassion does in Laos. Laos is an extremely poor country and lots of children have a disability. Here is our slide about what we learned about Project Compassion in Laos:


February 23

Deng Adut

Today we watched a video about a boy who turns into a man who’s name is Deng. He is an inspiration to the whole class and he would be and inspiration to you. His story is filled with emotions and it’s all about him doing anything he can to help people who are in the same position he was in. This story is about the western Sydney university who helped Deng learn and get a law degree to help people who need help.

Here is the video: