September 15

Migration Menu

Hi Guys!

In the last four weeks we have been doing our Inquiry project on Migration. My topic I chose to research was Policies in particular the Visa Department. The most important thing I learnt is that not everyone who applies for a visa, gets a visa. I enjoyed making my imovie but it was hard when I missed a day of filming so I was a bit behind. I think the imovie turned out Ok but there is still a lot of improvements that can be made. Next time I need to organize my timing for everything and try not to miss any days for Inquiry. Have a look at my finished product:



September 14


Hi Guys!

In Art we have been making some shapes out of clay, that is called Ceramics. A lady called Christina came a told us all about how to make a shape out of clay. I made a circle that wasn’t the right shape for a circle because some of the sides weren’t sides! Ha, get it, circles don’t have sides! Now to a serious note, it takes a lot of work to make a perfect shape out of clay. If it was your first time using clay, you will need adult supervision and something to cover what you are using to roll the clay into a shape. If you could, would you use clay?


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September 8


Hi Guys!

Lately we have been reading a book called “FOX” by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. We learnt how to write a character description, script writing, poetry writing, art response and the main themes of the book. Have you ever felt like one of the characters in the book?


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September 2

Police Visit

Hi Guys!

On Wednesday the police came to talk to us about Bullying and Cyber Bullying. They said to us if you are getting Bullied and or Cyber Bullied you should tell an adult immediately! It could get worse the longer it goes on and people around someone who is getting bullied can get effected by the bullying. If someone is getting bullied and he or she is to afraid to tell an adult you should go and tell the adult for them, because if an adult or parent guardian dose not know about there is nothing they can do to help you. If you are someone who is bullying someone, if it is mental, cyber or physical bullying it can still get tracked and then you may have to face THE JUDGE! If there is enough evidence of the bullying you could end up in  juvenile detention for two years and you will get a criminal act of bullying on your record, so if you got expelled from your school for bullying it may be hard to find another school as you have a criminal act for bullying so the principle may not let you attend that school. Do you know a way to get someone to admit that they are getting bullied?



August 12

Historical Narritive

Today I finally finished my Historical Narrative about the Eureka Stockade. Here are five pointers to help you write a good Historical Narrative:

  • To use 3 to 5 facts

It wont be a Historical Narrative if it doesn’t have facts because then it should be called a Narrative

  • To let your imagination run wild

It is ok to let your imagination into your work because it make it your Historical Narrative but don’t forget to put those fatc in there

  • Use language that your Historical Narrative takes place in the setting and the year it’s placed in.

It is important to use language that your Historical Narrative takes place and the year it’s in because then it makes your Historical Fiction more realistic and it makes the writing better

  • It is best to research your Historical event

You should research you Historical event because then you have background information on your event and that makes it easier to write

  • Explain key facts and places in the text

It is easy to forget to explain your facts because you can be so caught up in the ‘Narrative’ part of the story and not focusing on the ‘Historical’ part of the story

So that five pointers to write a excellent Historical Narrative, but if you could write a Historical Narrative what would it be and why?


August 4


Hey Guys!

Today we had an incursion and it showed us all about how people migrated to Australia. His name is Emilio and his production/play is called CIAO! He showed us a video about how his father migrated to Australia and his brutal but believable story. Every now and again he would ask for a volunteer and everyone wanted to get up in front of everyone and help in the performance. We danced to the Tarantella  and we all smashed heads going into the middle but this one kid had to be taken away from the performance. Then when I finally was a volunteer I had to demonstrate doing the Chicken dance which was as I will call it, HUMILIATION! It was so humiliate getting up in front of all the teachers and students  and had to do the chicken dance! As you all now the chicken dance is hard to demonstrate so I was you know terrible at it. But now i was thinking it actually helped me in a way because I know can get up in front of everyone and stay stuff I could not even say to there face! I would give the performance 3 and a half stars, it lost a star cause I had to do the chicken dance  in front of everyone!


Chicken Dance

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August 3

Immigration Muesuem

Hey Guys!

Yesterday we went to the Immigration Museum in the city. We learnt all about how, when and why people migrated to Australia. We got split into groups and got put into sections in the Museum. While we were there we looked at three types of boats the people immigrated from and the time differences. We interviewed computer generated images of people who wanted to migrate to Australia, We also tried the dictation test, which by the way is REALLY hard. I used my time well to put most of the information on the little passport we got given. I now realise that migrating from a different country isn’t as easy as I thought it was. When we left the museum we went to the Sandridge Bridge. In 2006 the government put glass casing around the  bridge to see how many people migrated from their country to Australia. The glass wall showed that there were more immigrants from Italy then there were Vietnam. I wonder why there were a lot of immigrants from Italy and not in a war like country like Vietnam? I wonder if the bigger the country is, the more people migrate from it to go to a less populated country like Australia. What country do you think has the most people leave to go to Australia?




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July 26

Mũi Mũi Visit

Hi Guys!

Yesterday Mũi Mũi came and talked to us about her migration story. She came to Australia from Vietnam to escape the Communists. Mũi Mũi and her family got ripped off so many times ( paid boat people, they didn’t come) it was hard to believe. She eventually got on a boat and escaped Vietnam for good. She got chased by 3 pirate ships and they escaped. When they were about to drown, a German cargo ship saved them. They went to Indonesia and got put in a detention camp, and had 4 meters of space for their family. The papers to migrate to Australia got lost over the seas. They had another interview to migrate to Australia and they got accepted. The first thing Mũi Mũi ate in Australia was McDonald’s Filet o Fish. Then she settled into life in Australia! I wonder how she survived on just dried rice and beef? If you had to migrate, where would you migrate to and why?

Готье – Gautier in Russian


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July 19

Eagle Strike!

Hi Guys!

Today we found out our Literacy Circles book. My book is by Anthony Horowitz and it’s called Alex Rider Eagle Strike! Literacy Circles is when you read a certain part of the book and then you discuss the book using a certain job that your are assigned to. The jobs are Discussion Director, Creative Connector, Super Summariser, Word Wizard, Question Master and Illustrator. You have to complete the job by the date given or you will have to do it at lunchtime. If you could choose a book for Literacy Circles what would it be and why?


July 15

The Switch

Hi Guys!

Today in Literacy Matrix watched and respond and it was called the switch. It’s about Ronaldo bumping into this kid called lee and they switch minds and become one another. Ronaldo becomes as skillful as Lee was (not very good) and Lee became as skillful as Ronaldo is because they are two different people in two different bodies. Lee eventually plays for England and Ronaldo still plays for Portugal and they smash into each other and regain there own body! After watching the video we had to answer a whole lot of questions, like write a summary of the video and what was the key messages and so on. I wondered if Ronaldo agreed to do the video or he had to do because his manager told him to. Is the Portugal team that is in the video, actually the team in real life? Did the person who plays Lee, have to learn Portuguese because he talks in Portuguese at the start, when Ronaldo realize he turns into a kid? If you could play for any country in the world for the world cup, what country would you want to play for and why?